How to Survive College

So you want to survive aren’t you? Good to know! Here are some study tips on how you can be a better student.

1. Always attend classes!

Yes, because some of the knowledge can not be read based on the lecture handouts only (and btw, some of the questions during exams are coming from discussion). And professor doctors knows best.

2. Listen to students from higher years!

They have been in your situation maybe once or twice. You may ask them and listen to their tips (and NO they can’t tell you what’s the answer in question 3 of your exam).

3. Try to get involved!

Have yourself surrounded by people who will try to make you a better person and will encourage you to study more. It ‘s your choice if you want to be in an organization that can help you with your studies. (I am a member of Rodeo Club Philippines)

4. Have a regular study habit!

You need it.

5. Read, read, read and read!

Reading is your life now. You need to read chapters after chapters of a book, and I’m telling you its NOT EASY! Especially when you have to read medical terms that you have no idea about. Even after you graduate you still need to read to be able to catch up.

6. Never give up!

Never give up if you really want that title after your name.

This is what I know for now. Follow me in my journey.


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