My Pre-Vet Life

I started college, 2013 and I was overwhelmed by how much I need to know since I’m going to be a doctor. Starting from scratch I tried to build my self confidence at that time, I’m scared and my classmates came from different schools and some of them are top in their class; while your writer came from not so famous school but I’m in the star section as they call it.My main subject bearing 5 units which is zoology and with the best professor in the college (Hi Doc Monti!). Zoology’s main focus is to taught you the basic knowledge about life sciences. Every before meeting there is a quiz prepared for us, and we need to pass it in order to get our grades higher. We are aiming to be exempted in the final exam at the end of the semester.

Every night I try to study my lessons. I need to be exemptd in that final exam because the topic is cover to cover and I’m not sure if I can handle the pressure of that. Its win or lose situation. Since that is my first main subject that semester, I tried not to neglect it. Yes I still have those English, Math, and Filipino subjects.

The judgement day came; I’m so nervous; my grades is not that high in my long exams and some of my quizzes failed. I went to my professor’s office to see the final grade I’m nervous; I want to vomit;  I feel sick this is the day I prepared for five months but I saw his face smiling and I looked at the computer screen and……and its 70+! I pass the subject and no longer need to take the final exam.I did not fail in the minor subjects too.

(This post is mainly zoology, that is because as a pre-vet student that is the only life science we need to master. Pre-vet is 2 years. Zoology is in 1st year-1st sem. This subject is what we called the standard bearer, some of the students leave vet-med because of this and some repeat and repeat this. There’s nothing much to talk about in the other sems and year so, next blog is about proper-veterinary medicine.)

Since that day I’m confident about my self and I’m still pursuing vet school. And I’m sure as hell it’s not a walk in the park!

image This is me in my first year.

Kay.jpgThank you for reading!



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