My Vegan Classmate

This is a pointless blog about my classmate.

Your kind but has many issues. We used to talk a lot during our early years in college. But when we enter first year proper, you became friends with a vegan transferee. He influence you more and more each day. And we started to notice your transformation.

You became an activist in social media. You became what we should not. We notice more and more post everyday on your socials and you told us to change our lifestyle.

We eat meat. I eat meat. But that doesnt give you the right to call us selfish.

We are in a program that is more on production. We will be future veterinarians. We’ve seen things that we wish we can change, but all of those things has reasons. All of those have their own valid reasons.

It’s nobody’s business how you choose to live your life, especially when it comes to something as necessary as eating. I honestly think preachy vegans just need something to be mad about.

Every body is different and it’s totally possible to have a plant-based diet and live a regular life with flavorful food, you just need to make it work for you.

Don’t push your dietary styles in our f*ucking face like its a religion we should decide to!

You have your own opinions about how things should be. Please don’t make us feel bad about ourselves. You can do what ever you wish to do with your life, just don’t be rude (sometimes its too much) and choose your words wisely.

The world is cruel, but let us not be the reason why.



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