AMV 👎👏

Asshole Monster Villian.


An open to my mortal enemy number one. Because its been 2 years and I still hate you.

I was a first year pre-vet back then when I first met the man I was with today. He was a senior back then. The age gap was terrifying. It scared me but I thought

‘what the hell, I’ll die young anyway’

so after months and months we become each others bestfriend.

Then here comes enemy number one, I posted a picture of us saying cheesy shits and everything lovely. Then enemy number one commented and it is NOT the most pleasant and flatteting comment; that made me furious.

To him: Yes enemy number one is a male and aged 23 years old during that time.

I’ve been kind to you, and showed you only respect. You’re suppose to be a role model because I’m one of the new members or can I say ‘family‘ of our beloved organization. Why do you have to do such a thing? Oh I know, because your girlfriends never been so proud of you. They never posted pictures of you right? Even though you’ve been with them months after months. And that’s why every time you get in a fight you bad mouthed them. You’re so proud and full of insecurities and maybe that’s why you don’t want your colleagues to be happy and have a better life. You are a piece of shit.

I hate you. You’re the reason why I don’t post a lot of pictures now in my accounts. I wish you to be very unhappy. I wish you dry cakes, polo shirts tucked-in, i wish you tap water and unflavored oatmeal, i wish you bitter teas that you can’t handle, i wish you skinny jeans that’s too tight your balls will suffocate. But what can I say? You change your girlfriends just like how I change my toothbrush.

And now you’re dating a first year pre-vet what a turn of events! How did you two even met? You’re two fucking years gone in college. And she told us you met in the cvm, in our college ground and what are you doing in the uni during a summer vaccation of your brads anyway? But we all know how you two met and how you instantly you got a new girl. Yes, that instant, I guess you play her with your proud mouth, and telling her how awesome you are and every shits you are made of. Don’t break the child’s heart bastard! You should be mature enough! Stop acting childish and act your age!

And btw, stop proposing to all of your girl. Let the girl atleast finish a degree.




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