The Great Shih Tzu Walk (First Official Attempt)



The Great Shih Tzu Walk is an event organized by Royal Canin Philippines in an attempt to break an existing Guinness World RecordTM  for the largest dog walk of a single breed. Current record holder is “Yorkimania” with 783 Yorkshire Terriers held in Mexico. The event was held in BGC, Taguig, last May 7, 2016.

The registration is free, you just need to fill up some forms, present a health record of your pet, registration form, and a vet letter saying that your dog is a Shih Tzu. This event took place at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig and held last Aprill 22, 2016 (Saturday).

We never really know that this event will be held. The reason that we did knew this is because during the meet and greet of the Happy Dogs Ph in Blue Bay, there was also a dog show and one of the booths is the Royal Canin. The people in the booth told us that we should join the event, they were very pleasant and my cousin during that time is interested. We were given forms and we submitted it right away.

Weeks before the event our Robbie got sick and doesn’t want to eat. We were hopeless on joining the event. But as days pass by, he recover quickly.

My cousin’s husband is in Nueva Ecia that time so we don’t have the car. We have found out that there is a van that will be provided in the Cavite. The van fare cost 500 pesos each vice versa, the price is reasonable since we never really know how to get to BGC.

We got there 3:30 pm. The event registration will end at 4pm so we manage to register right away, they first check the health book of the pet, one of the personnel there which is a vet told us that our rabbies vacc. is already expired! My cousin was furious because she knew it is not expired and all our pets are always get there shot. The one that told her is a vet; and the shot that is indicated there is to treat the mange. She even ask her fellow collegues there what it is. I know sometimes we made mistakes but she keep on insisting that it is a rabbies shot.


The event started a little late! We walked past 6. which is very stressful for the dog since we got there at 3 and now they are tired, exhausted, and stressed. Some of the pets isn’t walking anymore, they just lay there in the middle of the street; yhey want to go home.

People that are going in the facebook event is over 1200 and people who really went is just over 600 we only have to beat 783! We didn’t make it. It was very shameful and disappointing to the organizers since they pay a lot and put a lot of effort to make this event successful.

We could have atleast participated. To those that made false hope to the organizers, shame on you people you have no word. You should atleast have a valid reason.
image Thank you Sir.

I would like to thank The Royal Canin for the successful event, even though we didn’t make it but still you did a great job. Thank you so much.

In events like this, we should participate and put an effort to this. It is not the organizers name that will be put on magazines and hold the record but our country, Philippines.

We could have made it.




2 thoughts on “The Great Shih Tzu Walk (First Official Attempt)

  1. Sorry it didn’t happen. This is a pretty funny event though. Just think, you can organize 600 people to walk their Shih Tzus together. Do you think that is the most popular breed in the Philippines?


    • Hi, actually no the most popular breed here is the “As-Pin” or “Asong Pinoy”, it is a mix of all different breed; its just any random breed. This kind of dog is very common, usually they are just on streets, since they don’t have a breed people neglected them. And for the reason that the record hold a walk of a single breed I think it’s not possible. 😊

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