Here’s me with my friend Arjay.😚

I am a volunteer.

I’ve done this twice now. Yesterday was my second. I’ve been a volunteer in a non-profitable organization that seek to spay and neuter cats.

Here in the Philippines, cats are everywhere. They reproduce like bacteria; spreading like wildfire! There are so many of them and some kittens are abandon and left along the roads. One time, I saw a kid throwing kittens in the wall, slamming them and I thought ‘maybe his parents told him to get rid of them’ that is sad, why can’t they give the kittens to those who want it?

Zen Cats 😸 is one of the organizations, I will now cherish forever.😻 They spay and neutered cats for free! There is only one branch of the clinic “Hayop Kalinga” and it is located at Calamba, Laguna. Every third week of the month we held this event. And every time, more than 50 cats are neutered! The organization was made since 2011! There are so many cats!! 😅😅😅


If you don’t want to have more cats, let them be neutered! Don’t throw the kittens away. Be a volunteer!




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