The Backyard

I’ve been eating a lot. Here’s a quick review of the “The Backyard”. A Community of Food Trucks. But there are only 1 truck (blue one). We went there around 5pm to 7pm.


The place is along the Aguinaldo Highway in Dasmariñas, Cavite. The vibe is okay. There are only few chairs around 30 people can seat. And there is a cafè inside which sells sodas and brewed coffee. We ordered on the blue truck a Quarter Pounder amounting 140 pesos and a Macho Nachos with Cheese and an add-on jalapeños for 110 pesos.  They also sell “Shisha”? A smoke pot from India for 250 per hour.



So far the food is good. But I don’t really like the nachos cheese sauce spread all over the chips making them not crunchy. The burger is big and I can really taste the beef. So far so good.

Should I go there again? Hmmm.. Yes I will, but maybe next time I will try to ho there past 9pm to see if there are really food trucks coming. Lol


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