Forget Me Not

My bestfriend has forgotten me. 

The worst feeling is not being lonely, sometimes it is being forgotten by someone you can’t forget.

Moving away is our yearly drill for me and my sister. We have moved from 5 homes and now stuck in my cousin’s. 

This story is about me and my Grade 2 bestfriend, Denyse. I can still remember her full name since 2004. I can’t stop thinking about her when we moved to Samar. I always keep writing her names in my scratch papers, afraid to forget her. We are very close, we like to spend time together, I still remember I used to teach her in our math subject. We eat together. I’m very happy to be her best friend. Then we moved back to Cavite.

I can now use the computer and I made a facebook account back in 2009. Well, I try to find her, mix her names hoping she mix it up and I add every person with the same name! And finally when I was in my third year highschool (2012) someone accepted me and that person change her profile pic from a cat to a girl! I can’t believe I found her! I’m so happy. Then I message her right away, saying if she could remember me and saying stuff we did together and yes I told her we were best friends. 

After sometime, she replied. “Ahh do uou know our classmates back then? Do you know V—–a?”

My world fell apart. She doesn’t remember me at all! And those friends she was talking about are her grade 3 best friends and she just keep on saying what they did and if I remember them too… all of that. 

That was our last conversation, we are now strangers drift apart by time. I’m disappointed and sad but I think it is also my fault, we never keep in touch, we never call and write letters. Now we are just liking post in social medias. Funny.


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