A.g.e. G-A-P ( i like like you)

There is a difference when you like somebody and when you like like somebody.

Like is just… I like you. ex. I like the color lavander.

The like like is…. ohh, i like yahhh. ex. Oh oh ohhh its lavandeeeeerrrrr I like likeeee it!!! OMGGGG!!

Crush. I can say that I was an eye candy before. Places I’ve been to; boys are like ants they want to stick even if you don’t want them. They like me. Sometimes I like them but most of the time I don’t. I’ve never been in a relationship before, not something real and serious. Scratch that. I’ve never been in a relationship before(period).

I promise myself that I will only do it when the proper time comes when I’m ready and its like like. So here comes college.

There was this guy at school… i like him. There was something was in his eyes, stories that was never been told before. Stories I want to hear, stories that trigger the inner peace within me, stories that I will only heard. There’s something fascinating about him. Something interesting. That was on my mind right when I saw him.

So I finally got to meet the guy, we chat, and text. Life’s been good and we soon feel that we have a lot in common. Soon my feelings change to like like. But he became busy and gone. I feel blue for a month, and I think he felt the same..and after sometime we formally started dating.

I was a freshman, he was a senior.

We both study veterinary medicine. And calculating the age gap… he was in college and I was an elementary student. Can you imagine? I would say that I am mature in my age. Sometimes, I always give him advices. I am more than just the number.

Age doesn’t matter. Weight doesn’t matter. Height doesn’t matter. Money doesn’t matter. All that matters is your heart. 

To date, we’re now two years and a half dating! (YAY!) All the inside jokes were set aside and we just laugh at it. 

My heart flutters everytime he calls, everytime he smile and everytime we’re together. We’re now authors of our own love story and will soon tell it to the little versions of ourself.


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