I was hospitalized for two days.

But before that, I experience a lot of pain in the head. I vomitted which I believe was blood. Then for a whole week my head was in a lot of pain, I get dizzy easily and my respiratory pace is hgher than it should.  My pain is 6/10.

We went to see a doctor and my father didn’t agree on what he said because there is no CBC done and he come up with a decision easily; so we seek another opinion. The next day we went to the hospital to find the specialized doctor. They made series of test and my hemohlobin drop to 49 (the normal is 120-160) and the doctor was very shock.

The next day I was admitted. Blood transfusion was made. I was given 4 bags of blood. My hemoglobin count before I was release is 109. I am now okay. 


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