Head turner: How to be a selfie expert

1. The first thing you need to learn is QUALITY RULES. You have to be very meticulous about your selfies, specially when your posting to social medias. Use a good quality phone. 

2. ANGLE IS THE BEST POLICY. Show the world the best features of your face the best view that will make the world wow.

3. YOU CAN ALWAYS ENHANCE. Yes darling we have all those fancy photo editor nowadays, there’s VSCO, which is one of my go-to; and there’s SNOW which is the best in hiding every imperfections of the face especially discoloration, pores and even acne! 

So I heard this new smartphone in town and even celebreties use it! It is the Oppo F1:Selfie Expert.  It has an 8-megapixels front facing camera which more light can enter the camera so you can take a clear Selfie even in low lighting and the rear facing camera is 13-megapixels and features Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) and smart anti-shake optimization which allows for fast and accurate auto-focus. Other features in the camera of Oppo F1 are: Voice Shot, Palm Shutter, Ultra-HD image Quality, Double Exposure, Slow shutter, Super GIF, Panorama, Super Macro and HDR. 

I can hear your heavy breathing! 😉 

You’ll be photogenic in no time. It just takes practice and hard work. 😊😉


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