I have problems too

Shoutout for those people who are too ungrateful for everything. To those who have a good life but always make their own problems. 

Its all in your head! I, too have gone through depression especially when during middle school and yes it was not awesome to have it. Every night I cry my self to sleep. Every day I hate my life. And every day I question Him why did he do things that are unfavorable for me. My life was unbearable.

I saw photos of my friends being so happy; I saw their family picture and I did sure cry a river in front of my monitor. Life isn’t easy, you just need to be stronger, you need to be cool about things that you are not in control of. 

As I enter college, I think I am the only one that has gone through a lot. But my schoolmates are all crybaby, they all think they have to most tragic life. 
How did I overcome ny depression?

I stop being sad. I divert my attention to things that make me happy. During the time of my depression, I was using tumblr big time! Even though I only post positivity in my wall; I can’t help to be depressed because of the things I saw on my feed. They are all depressing. So I stop using it. I change my daily routine, I refrain my self in those thoughts. And now its all gone! 

Hate me if you must but I really think diverting things and your perspective in life have a say in your mental health. There are people loving you and stop being selfish!
Stop being the victims of problems and be a hero in one’s own story!


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