Sketchy Plans of my Gap Year

Do you know what gap year is? Raise your hand if you do. Well, a gap year is like a leave you take if you want to quit adulting or life. Nope its not you killing yourself BUT you taking a time, it can be anytime you want; and it can be as long as you want. You can travel,you can do almost everything. People take a gap year when they are finish high school, college or work. It just depends on what you want. Cool right?

I want to take my gap year 2-3 years after working, (after college). This will be long enough for me to save for my dream trailer tiny house, or an RV. Right now I do want to have a custom tiny house. 

  • A tiny house is everything you have dream of what a house has. A bedrokm, a living room, kitchen, and a bathroom! Yes everything you need and it has wheels!! Some people live in it full time; they take their house with them if they travel. Its small but pretty decent. You just need to maximize every space. A fully costumize cost $20,00-100,00 and can go higher if you want it to be luxurious as possible. It’s cheap and everything you need is compress in a one small storage container. 

    I wanted to travel my country, the Philippines which has 7,107 islands without living my home. Hotels are expensive in here cost around $40 dollars a night. I think I can save more if I have my house with me, especially if I have to travel whole year round.

    As a kid, when my mother died; I have been moving from relative to relative, I have live more than 5 families in a span of 8 years. And its awesome to be moving but stressful as well.

    I can’t wait for my gap year! Right now I want to visit other countries with my soon to be “save money”. I don’t have some savings right now because I keep spending it all and its just enough for me to pay for my food. So yeah. This year I will be pretty tight on my budgeting. I want to go to Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan. Hoping I can do it next year.


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