Before I turn 30

As a kid, I’ve always dream of having a family of my own. And maybe that was the purpose of life; to reproduce a more quality individuals. 

I still remember how the 5 year old me played ‘House’ where we act like adults and having children which our playmate took the role. It was awesome. My parents introduced me to the wonderful world of Fairy tale. Ask me a princess and I’ll tell you the story. I would say I was an active child; I always play outside till evening. I have live the best first 5 years of my life. And everything was flipped.

So before I turn 30, I want to experience it all. Travel the world solo, drive to beautiful places, hike mountains, bungee jumping, swim the ocean, drink margaritas in the beach, party till dawn, play the ukelele, build my campervan, do electric works, do laundry outside the house, eat good food, love a man, interact with locals, read 500 books, plant a garden, work abroad (NZ), meet my half siblings, go back to Bacolod and visit my parents.


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