How to Survive College

So you want to survive aren’t you? Good to know! Here are some study tips on how you can be a better student.

1. Always attend classes!

Yes, because some of the knowledge can not be read based on the lecture handouts only (and btw, some of the questions during exams are coming from discussion). And professor doctors knows best.

2. Listen to students from higher years!

They have been in your situation maybe once or twice. You may ask them and listen to their tips (and NO they can’t tell you what’s the answer in question 3 of your exam).

3. Try to get involved!

Have yourself surrounded by people who will try to make you a better person and will encourage you to study more. It ‘s your choice if you want to be in an organization that can help you with your studies. (I am a member of Rodeo Club Philippines)

4. Have a regular study habit!

You need it.

5. Read, read, read and read!

Reading is your life now. You need to read chapters after chapters of a book, and I’m telling you its NOT EASY! Especially when you have to read medical terms that you have no idea about. Even after you graduate you still need to read to be able to catch up.

6. Never give up!

Never give up if you really want that title after your name.

This is what I know for now. Follow me in my journey.


My bestfriend’s suitor is so working hard.

I’m very much impressed on the daily basis. He’s like one of those guys in the movie that get your heart. He really appreciate and don’t take my bestfriend for granted. I appreciate the guy’s effort! I just wish he’ll never change.

Dear Maha,

May you have the best in life! And may you finish your degree in no time. Love ya!

Not comparing but, Kevin’s more sweeter and more caring well MORE *add adjective here* than my boyfriend in the past 42months and will ever be. Love my man still. hehehehe 💓



Is this adulting?
You always think of how are you going to save money and how are you going to spend your money. When will you graduate, how will you be able to pay debts. Counting the years of life, and when your sibling wants to enroll in a university, how will you be able to pay it when you’re still studying college. 
No matter how hard we try, we’ll always be the one who needs extra hours be successful. 


When you want to share issues of your life like what made you mad, what disappoints you and why you hated your life…but you can’t because people will jugde you and, you are not a crybaby so you just take a deep breath, silently cry your self to sleep because there is no one worth to tell how you feel. And because you are a strong independent emotionless person! You always seems to be happy, always the responsible one, dependable one, always the problemless one. Always knows what to do, because you are fucking selfless!
I wish I could tell how broken I am inside.


I hate in when people are caring. And I’m such a crybaby so whenever someone…even just remember a tiny bit of what I say or what I want.  Even the actual deed was not yet done. You know, even when someone says yes on something. I cry a river. Someone actually cares!! 😭😭😭 

Rn, I’m crying because my brother-in-law told me he’ll buy me a phone case, because my case is so worn out and disgusting. 😣😭



I’m afraid to have children or a child. I have this feeling that I’ll die soon. I will die soon.

I’m in my 20s and frequently experiencing blood loss either I vomit it or melena. I’ve gone twice blood transfusion and both was given four bags of blood. I have a damaged liver, spleenomegaly and minimal ascites. 

I don’t want children. Even though I want, someday. But I could die early you know; what will happen to the child then? His life will be like mine; moving from relative to relative and will be treated badly, sometimes. It hurts to know that it will happen to your child, because you’ve been through that hardships. It hurts.


Before I turn 30

As a kid, I’ve always dream of having a family of my own. And maybe that was the purpose of life; to reproduce a more quality individuals. 

I still remember how the 5 year old me played ‘House’ where we act like adults and having children which our playmate took the role. It was awesome. My parents introduced me to the wonderful world of Fairy tale. Ask me a princess and I’ll tell you the story. I would say I was an active child; I always play outside till evening. I have live the best first 5 years of my life. And everything was flipped.

So before I turn 30, I want to experience it all. Travel the world solo, drive to beautiful places, hike mountains, bungee jumping, swim the ocean, drink margaritas in the beach, party till dawn, play the ukelele, build my campervan, do electric works, do laundry outside the house, eat good food, love a man, interact with locals, read 500 books, plant a garden, work abroad (NZ), meet my half siblings, go back to Bacolod and visit my parents.