How to Survive College

So you want to survive aren’t you? Good to know! Here are some study tips on how you can be a better student.

1. Always attend classes!

Yes, because some of the knowledge can not be read based on the lecture handouts only (and btw, some of the questions during exams are coming from discussion). And professor doctors knows best.

2. Listen to students from higher years!

They have been in your situation maybe once or twice. You may ask them and listen to their tips (and NO they can’t tell you what’s the answer in question 3 of your exam).

3. Try to get involved!

Have yourself surrounded by people who will try to make you a better person and will encourage you to study more. It ‘s your choice if you want to be in an organization that can help you with your studies. (I am a member of Rodeo Club Philippines)

4. Have a regular study habit!

You need it.

5. Read, read, read and read!

Reading is your life now. You need to read chapters after chapters of a book, and I’m telling you its NOT EASY! Especially when you have to read medical terms that you have no idea about. Even after you graduate you still need to read to be able to catch up.

6. Never give up!

Never give up if you really want that title after your name.

This is what I know for now. Follow me in my journey.


When you want to share issues of your life like what made you mad, what disappoints you and why you hated your life…but you can’t because people will jugde you and, you are not a crybaby so you just take a deep breath, silently cry your self to sleep because there is no one worth to tell how you feel. And because you are a strong independent emotionless person! You always seems to be happy, always the responsible one, dependable one, always the problemless one. Always knows what to do, because you are fucking selfless!
I wish I could tell how broken I am inside.


I hate in when people are caring. And I’m such a crybaby so whenever someone…even just remember a tiny bit of what I say or what I want.  Even the actual deed was not yet done. You know, even when someone says yes on something. I cry a river. Someone actually cares!! 😭😭😭 

Rn, I’m crying because my brother-in-law told me he’ll buy me a phone case, because my case is so worn out and disgusting. 😣😭



I’m afraid to have children or a child. I have this feeling that I’ll die soon. I will die soon.

I’m in my 20s and frequently experiencing blood loss either I vomit it or melena. I’ve gone twice blood transfusion and both was given four bags of blood. I have a damaged liver, spleenomegaly and minimal ascites. 

I don’t want children. Even though I want, someday. But I could die early you know; what will happen to the child then? His life will be like mine; moving from relative to relative and will be treated badly, sometimes. It hurts to know that it will happen to your child, because you’ve been through that hardships. It hurts.


Before I turn 30

As a kid, I’ve always dream of having a family of my own. And maybe that was the purpose of life; to reproduce a more quality individuals. 

I still remember how the 5 year old me played ‘House’ where we act like adults and having children which our playmate took the role. It was awesome. My parents introduced me to the wonderful world of Fairy tale. Ask me a princess and I’ll tell you the story. I would say I was an active child; I always play outside till evening. I have live the best first 5 years of my life. And everything was flipped.

So before I turn 30, I want to experience it all. Travel the world solo, drive to beautiful places, hike mountains, bungee jumping, swim the ocean, drink margaritas in the beach, party till dawn, play the ukelele, build my campervan, do electric works, do laundry outside the house, eat good food, love a man, interact with locals, read 500 books, plant a garden, work abroad (NZ), meet my half siblings, go back to Bacolod and visit my parents.


Sketchy Plans of my Gap Year

Do you know what gap year is? Raise your hand if you do. Well, a gap year is like a leave you take if you want to quit adulting or life. Nope its not you killing yourself BUT you taking a time, it can be anytime you want; and it can be as long as you want. You can travel,you can do almost everything. People take a gap year when they are finish high school, college or work. It just depends on what you want. Cool right?

I want to take my gap year 2-3 years after working, (after college). This will be long enough for me to save for my dream trailer tiny house, or an RV. Right now I do want to have a custom tiny house. 

  • A tiny house is everything you have dream of what a house has. A bedrokm, a living room, kitchen, and a bathroom! Yes everything you need and it has wheels!! Some people live in it full time; they take their house with them if they travel. Its small but pretty decent. You just need to maximize every space. A fully costumize cost $20,00-100,00 and can go higher if you want it to be luxurious as possible. It’s cheap and everything you need is compress in a one small storage container. 

    I wanted to travel my country, the Philippines which has 7,107 islands without living my home. Hotels are expensive in here cost around $40 dollars a night. I think I can save more if I have my house with me, especially if I have to travel whole year round.

    As a kid, when my mother died; I have been moving from relative to relative, I have live more than 5 families in a span of 8 years. And its awesome to be moving but stressful as well.

    I can’t wait for my gap year! Right now I want to visit other countries with my soon to be “save money”. I don’t have some savings right now because I keep spending it all and its just enough for me to pay for my food. So yeah. This year I will be pretty tight on my budgeting. I want to go to Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan. Hoping I can do it next year.


    Additional 1 year ako

    My course is 6years. I must finish it within six years. But it can’t be done whyyy? 

    4th year na ko, kung tutuusin dapat dalawang taon na lang pero leche nmn tlga kung magkamali ka ng isang hakbang domino effect. 

    During first sem of my second- year proper year I failed four subjects. 

    Yun ang dahilan kung bakit additional one year ako. Parang biglang sumabog yung mundo ko nung nalaman ko yun. Bitter. Nag-aral naman ako, may natutunan pero siguro hindi parin pasa sa standard ng mga prof ko. Ang sakit sakit may hinahabol kasi akong taon ng paggraduate. May plano ako.

    Kasabay ko yung kapatid kong pumasok; first year highschool siya, ako naman ay first year college. Sabay sana kaming gagraduate. Mapapa-aral ko sana siya ng college pag nagkatrabaho ako. Sana di na ko hihingi ng pera para pang-aral sa pinsan ko. Sana may ipon na ko during that time. Sana nagsisimula na ko ng panibagong yugto ng buhay ko pero wala ehh tinamaan ako ng sumpa.

    Ang hirap hirap ng buhay tapos bumagsak ka pa. Kung sana clinician na ko pagdating ng 2017 kaso second year uli. Marami na kong plano para sa pamilya ko, para sa kapatid ko at para sakin. Nakatime-line na rin kung saan ako mag-aaply ng trabaho, kung anong taon ako mangingibang bansa, kung kailan ako magpapakasal, at kung kailan ako magkaka-anak. Oo, naisip ko na yun dahil babae ako, kailangan nakaplano ang lahat para mas madali ang lahat dahil pag nalipasan ka ng panahon, magdudusa ka. Ayoko namang mag-asawa kung kailan uugod-ugod na ko at kung mag-kaanak na parang apo na at tsaka hindi na pwede. Matanda narin ung mga magulang ko. Lahat gusto ko gawin para maging masaya ang lahat, yun din naman ang gusto nila. 

    Di ko na alam kung ano ang gagawin ko pag may bagsak uli. Pipilitin kong hindi na magyari yun dahil mahirap na.


    Music people

    I admire those people who can sing their throat out. Whose passionate about music and has a great selection of playlist. I admire those who can perform right in front of a wholesome crowd, singing loudly and doesn’t care about people’s opinion on how they should be performing. I admire those who can have more than two favorite artist and can have a good taste, and flexible and can listen to new artist giving them opportunity.

    If you are that person, I admire you. Keep doing that. Keep doing what you love and be fearless.