How to Survive College

So you want to survive aren’t you? Good to know! Here are some study tips on how you can be a better student.

1. Always attend classes!

Yes, because some of the knowledge can not be read based on the lecture handouts only (and btw, some of the questions during exams are coming from discussion). And professor doctors knows best.

2. Listen to students from higher years!

They have been in your situation maybe once or twice. You may ask them and listen to their tips (and NO they can’t tell you what’s the answer in question 3 of your exam).

3. Try to get involved!

Have yourself surrounded by people who will try to make you a better person and will encourage you to study more. It ‘s your choice if you want to be in an organization that can help you with your studies. (I am a member of Rodeo Club Philippines)

4. Have a regular study habit!

You need it.

5. Read, read, read and read!

Reading is your life now. You need to read chapters after chapters of a book, and I’m telling you its NOT EASY! Especially when you have to read medical terms that you have no idea about. Even after you graduate you still need to read to be able to catch up.

6. Never give up!

Never give up if you really want that title after your name.

This is what I know for now. Follow me in my journey.


Hyporcrite (Vegan)

You are a hypocrite.

You should know by now that being a vegan is either black or white. Meaning you can only chose between if you are and you are not; there is no in between.

I’m a vet student and there’s this little girl that keep on saying she’s vegan, let’s go vegan and everything but, all in her instastory she’s eating fish and using all this beauty shits. And she keeps on bragging what she eats. She even told us “You love animals but you keep on eating them.” Like WTF. We know its a lifestyle but just because you are doing it we should also do it!

Here is my little tip for you gal; if you want to be a vegan please undergo being a vegetarian first and please just eat vegetables and no meat, no seafood!

If a product says cruelty free that doesn’t mean its vegan you know! It may still contain animal byproducts.

And little by little go undergo change in your cleaning materials, such as shampoo, toothpaste and soaps. I’m not a vegan but I’m proud to say I’m reducitarian.

If you are just inspiring to be a vegan, please know first what veganism is. Don’t be too proud of what you are not. Don’t be a hypocrite, just because being a vegan is so trendy or people doing it you should do it. Don’t be that person. Please respect what they (vegans) are trying to say to the world or what they are fighting for. You are being insensitive.

To my real vegan friends, please don’t hate me.


⬇It consumes me⬇

I’m a very positive person but lately I’ve been feeling so down. In my head I wanted and cutted my wrist (so many times) and I keep on picturing it out. And whenever I’m depress my other hand want to put a cut through the skin or I just want to end the life.

I don’t want to cut myself and I’ve never done that. But the picture of myself cutting through the skin is just so satisfying and relieves all the stress and pain.

Inside, I’m fucking suicidal; on the outside its the opposite, I’m a happy positive person.

So I always trick it. Going out in somewhere with my classmates and friends, and come back late at night, just in time for bed. So, I’ll feel exhausted and just sleep all the hours away.

I don’t like being all alone. I’m afraid what this mind can do without prior notice to the body. I’m afraid of being like this. I’m afraid it consumes me. I’m afraid that this will take over my body. I’m afraid of all the possibilies that might happen. I’m afraid of alone hours.

And lastly, I’m afraid of me.


The Jumiso line from HELLOSKIN (Sheetmask)

💌The Jumiso line from HELLOSKIN.💌

Its very humid our country so I find my self grabbing sheetmasks at night. I placed the sheetmask in the freezer for about 5mins to make it more pleasingly cool. The mask has a mesh sheet for easy unfolding which is so extra 😄. And I leave it on my face for about 20mins and the mask is still damp.


Fit: It adheres to the skin perfectly. And for the size its not too big and not too small. The sheet itself is thin it holds a lot of essence.


The other excess in the packet was given to my sister, because she kept on bugging me to give her sheetmask. So I add thin cotton pads inside for her. 😉

🍦About the mask🍦

🍉 Jumiso Chewy Elasticity Mask by Hello Skin.

🌼Made with ultra soft, thin & breathable Cupra cotton sheet, the Jumiso mask is designed to hold up to ten times more essence than regular cotton masks, which means more concentrated essence delivered to your skin. The mask sheet adheres to the skin perfectly, maximizing the absorption of the essence into skin and minimizing skin damage For all skin types, especially those with dry, dehydrated skin.


For boosting skin’s elasticity. Jumiso Chewy Elasticity Mask by Hello Skin. Anti-aging ingredients; ceramides, adenosine and niacinamide reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while adding a dose of serious hydration. Made with super soft, thin & breathable Cupra cotton shee

Earth gravity is pulling your skin downward even at the moment. Having the secret formula from the eggs, JUMISO Chewy elasticity improves your skin elasticity. The egg shell membrane keeps the secret of life. Containing collagen-rich egg shell membrane, JUMISO Chewy elasticity is to enhance your skin elasticity. Just like a boiled egg, keep your skin with full elasticity.

Size: 26 mL

The mask retails for $3 or 150php. Where to purchase? BeautyMNL, Althea.kr, OhLolly.com, Kbeauty online shops


My bestfriend’s suitor is so working hard.

I’m very much impressed on the daily basis. He’s like one of those guys in the movie that get your heart. He really appreciate and don’t take my bestfriend for granted. I appreciate the guy’s effort! I just wish he’ll never change.

Dear Maha,

May you have the best in life! And may you finish your degree in no time. Love ya!

Not comparing but, Kevin’s more sweeter and more caring well MORE *add adjective here* than my boyfriend in the past 42months and will ever be. Love my man still. hehehehe 💓



Is this adulting?
You always think of how are you going to save money and how are you going to spend your money. When will you graduate, how will you be able to pay debts. Counting the years of life, and when your sibling wants to enroll in a university, how will you be able to pay it when you’re still studying college. 
No matter how hard we try, we’ll always be the one who needs extra hours be successful.